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Access Granted 2.0.x for Joomla 1.0.11 and Mambo 4.5.4 Released! PDF Print E-mail

Access Granted was previous know as MAL (Mambo Access Levels).

Using Access Granted you can define the access level a user needs to have access in the Mambo frontend for

  • a menu item (using the Mambo standard menu system)
  • a component
  • a module
  • a section
  • a categorie
  • a content item
  • a mambot
  • exclusive docman control
  • frontend editing
  • frontend content icons control
  • allow close site to member only
  • and much more...

AG now limits access to the back end too.


AG contains a very powerfull user management system with handy filters to make user selections based on divers criteria. The user management contains also simple but missed tools like resending emails with passwords to users.Access Granted (AG) is the ultimate Mambo addon for each commercial site.

Joomla! 1.0 Released PDF Print E-mail
JoomlaJoomla! multi-award-winning team of developers today released version 1.0 of Joomla!.

The team, which developed the world’s most popular Open Source content management system, have been working their magic since the Joomla! brand was announced — just 17 days ago.

Lead developer Andrew Eddie praised the development team and the Joomla! community for their work and support.

Baby Joomla! has cut its first tooth with the release of Joomla! v1.0, he said, everyone should celebrate the freedom.

Joomla! website creation software is released under GNU GPL. Joomla! 1.0 is now available for download at
Looking for translators! PDF Print E-mail
ImageLooking for translators to next Mambo Template Builder 0.9.1b version. I've decide release a mtb version to each language supported by NVU. Currently NVU have these languages supported by contributors around world.
No software patents in Europe! =) PDF Print E-mail
After years of struggle, the European Parliament finally rejected the
software patent directive with 648 of 680 votes: A strong signal
against patents on software logic, a sign of lost faith in the
European Union and a clear request for the European Patent Office
(EPO) to change its policy: the EPO must stop issuing software patents
NVU 1.0 Released PDF Print E-mail
ImageI am immensely happy to report that Nvu 1.0 went live an hour ago. As usual,
it's available from the official site [1] or the official mirror [2] for
Windows, Mac, Linspire5, FC3, linux 2.6.10, and for the first time Mandriva.
Nvu broke the 500,000 users limit with version 1.0PR, and we expect even better
results for this 1.0. A Press Release should be issued later today, helping
spread the word.
NVU Mambo 4.5.x Template Builder v0.9.2b Released! PDF Print E-mail

ImageNVU Mambo Template Builder will make automatic your mambo template creation. Make easy and productive your Mambo template building!

NVU Mambo Template Builder will make automatic your templateDetails.xml creation and updates,your Template directory structure creation,it will create blank index.html files on "css and images" dirs, allow easily insert mambo 4.5.x specific Template PHP code needed to build your Mambo template and build a zip install package ready to install on your Mambo.
NVU is complete Web Authoring System for Linux Desktop users as well as Windows and Mac OSX users. Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.

New features

- More 9 Languages supported

* Russian - Thanks to Alexey Gubanov,
* French - Thanks to Laurent Belloeil
* Italian - Thanks to Andrea Sanavia
* Portuguese-BR - Carlos Guimaraes
* Deutsch - Thanks to Andreas Schwantner
* Polish - Thanks to Piotr laskowski,
* Slovenian - Thanks to Iztok Osredkar,
* Turkish - Thanks to Emin Caki
* Indonesian - Thanks to Ganjar Setia M.

- Widget Button on NVU Tool bar
- Bug fixes

You can download lastest Mambo template builder extension for NVU here


NVU, A complete Web Authoring System PDF Print E-mail
ImageNvu is the new Web editing environment based on the Mozilla platform and its Gecko layout engine. Primarily made for Linspire and other Linux flavors, its cross-platform architecture makes it available on a wide variety of other platforms.

Nvu binary test builds are now available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.
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