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For those not know Vanilla Discussion Forum yet, one word: SWEET. Vanilla is a new kind of web forum With Vanilla we wanted to break the mold created and followed by just about every other forum on the web. We sat down and thought about what we liked, and more importantly, what we didn't like about web forums. We wanted emphasis on the discussions rather than the statistics.

We wanted to stop using MSN or AIM to send secret messages to other forum members; We wanted to be able to save the common searches. Basically, we wanted the thing to work for us instead of against us. Most importantly we wanted it to be free and we wanted it to run on just about every web server out there. Vanilla is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum for the web.

J!Vanilla forum bridge is developed to be compatible with Joomla 1.0.x and Vanilla 1.1.4.
A automated installer is included with every version of Joomla!Vanilla component; it allow users to install vanilla together joomla! in 3 pretty easy steps. Its probably the easiest and most painless way to get up and running. Just follow the directions and you should not have any major setup issues.


  • Vanilla db tables are created in same joomla! database where component is installed
  • Existent joomla users are sync with vanilla setup after install
  • Allow manage Vanilla Forum from backend
  • Changes on Vanilla forum code minimized


J!Vanilla v1.1.4RC1 - Download HERE
J!Vanilla Login Module - Download HERE



Users upgrading from J!Vanilla 1.0.3b need backup Vanilla db tables before uninstall old component and install new 1.1.4RC1.
After new component installed, restore Vanilla db tables (LUM_ prefix) and you should not have any issues on upgrade process.
Vanilla forum related fields on joomla! users db table will be reseted on old 1.0.3b uninstall.

Vanilla Discussion Forum Main Features

A Rich User Experience
In Vanilla you can quickly and easily see which discussions you haven't read, and how many new comments are in each discussion. You can run advanced searches through discussion topics, comments, and users. You can change the way Vanilla operates using per-user preferences. Finally, you have a very customizable account profile where you can provide pictures of yourself and add as much information about yourself as you like.

Slick Administration Capabilities
Vanilla has built-in spam control, an autonomous user & role management system, and affords administrators a great deal of flexibility and ease-of-use. As an administrator you can completely change the layout, style, language, and all application settings through an intuitive and easy to navigate settings tab. Adding and organizing roles, categories, languages, and add-ons is a breeze. Simple or advanced searches that yield useful results are invaluable in day-to-day administration.

Extend the functionality of your forum with limitless Add-ons
Vanilla is all about add-ons. We've spent many, many months developing a new system whereby developers can create add-ons for Vanilla that allow you to do just about anything with your forum. Want to turn your Vanilla into a bug tracking system? Want to tag discussions instead of categorizing them? Maybe you just want a fancy highlighting effect when new messages are posted. Your imagination is the limit.

and more...


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