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(X)CORE Exposé Flash Gallery

Expose Flash GalleryExposé is a Flash-based tool which allows you to create eye-catching slide shows of your pictures on the web. A list of the features supported by exposé includes the following:

- Direct linking to a photo or album
- Slide show can be automatically started
- A background/foreground image can be loaded
- More interface elements can be now customized
- Smoother Interface
- Improved Backend Interface
- Full php/js integration
- Supports Ajax Loading
- Easier to adjust the size and several others options
- Improved background color adjustments
- supports SEF URL's

The PHP Album Manager has very strict system requirements but is not needed to add new pics to you gallery (this is just another option if you have these extensions on your hosting server). You can also install the Windows (or Mac) Album Manager found here: Exposé is FREE for personal use.

(X)CORE Exposé is a bridge to the Expose Gallery found here This bridge is released as GNU/GPL but expose is under its original author's license agreement found here,

If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions in the our forums.


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