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Joomla!AjaxNow is easy build impressive "Web 2.0" style joomla sites today,
with Joomla!Ajax.

Easy Ajax for Joomla 1.0.x.
Speed-Up your joomla website today, bring a new experience to your site navigation.
Integrating AJAX in your Joomla! today NOW! and create of more efficient and more interactive Web experiences for your visitors!

AJAX technology enables you to load page content quickly without having to reload the webpage.
AJAX, for those that haven't heard the term, is a new age way of bringing software like
usability to the web. It uses existing technologies but usefully pulls them together to
create powerful online applications.

The most famous examples of AJAX, or Web2.0 is Googles Suggest feature and Googles Maps tool.

In a nutshell, its a means of using asynchronous JavaScript and XML to query a remote
data source and render the content without refreshing or reloading the page.

Joomla!Ajax allow you speed-up site content loading, speed-up Core search and
integrate Instant Search into Category Content Filters.


  • Unobtrusive JavaScript    
  • Applies Hijax - Progressive Enhancement with Ajax Approach    
  • Integrate Ajax technology on any Joomla Template **    
  • Integrate Ajax in Joomla Core Search    
  • Integrate Instant Search in Content Filters
  • Allow display your content in SlideUp/SlideDown or FadeOut/FadeIn effect   
  • Allow select a custom ajax load indicator    
  • Allow setup a custom ajax loading message    
  • Automaticlly change page title on ajax load    
  • Allow include "rel=nofollow" on all external links into site    
  • Allow include "target=_blank" on all external links into site    
  • Allow disable whole AJAX integration with a Single Click    
  • Supports 3PD and Core Components **    
  • Supports 3rd Template Custom Menus
  • Support Joomla! Core SEF
  • Patch/Unpatch your templates feature
  • Menu driven navigation mode
  • xajax components compatible
  • Works together Scriptaculous/Prototype powered extensions
  • Works together Mootools powered extensions
  • Exclusive ajax modules control
  • Virtuemart Ajax Add-on integrated
  • UTF-8 Ajax content load support
  • Links mapping mode feature: crawlable, history/bookmark, anchor
  • Experimental back button/bookmark support

Works with:
* jomComment component
* Docman component
* Joomlaboard plugin
* SOGI2 Directory
* Joomap
* and some more...


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