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3:) Building a Mambo 4.5.x Template directory structure

  • In Mambo Template Builder, click on "Build Template Structure" button
  • If all is ok, this will create a "css" and "images" directories and a template_css.css

If you want use a already created "index.php" and a custom template_css.css on template building: DO NOT CLICK ON "Build Template Structure" Button or your template_css.css will replaced by another generated by template builder

4:) Creating a templateDetails.xml for a Mambo 4.5.x template

  • Now click on "Edit Template Info" button, this will open a new window with template informations.
  • Change template info if needed, ALL FIELDS NEED BE FILLED.
  • DO NOT CHANGE TEMPLATE NAME, or you will get problems after on zip installation
  • After update template info click on "Save" button, and you will see a message like on image bellow.
  • Now you can close Mambo Template Builder, if you want.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need click on "Working diretory combobox to activate "Publish and Secure Template" button and refresh file list. THIS ISSUE WILL BE FIXED IN NEXT VERSION!!

What You Need know before start work on NVU

  • Mambo template Head Code will be added on NVU like a comment, DO NOT REMOVE COMMENTS from your "index.xhtml"
  • Always save your source code template AS "index.xhtml" into selected working directory
  • TO VIEW PHP tags in "NORMAL VIEW MODE": you will need switch to "Souce View Mode" and Back to "Normal Mode"
  • NVU not "YET" can save or open PHP files....
  • At each change done on your "index.xhtml"
  • Go to "Tools" -> "Preferences" -> "New Page Settings", and change "Language" option to "XHTML"
  • Just ISO-8859-1 is supported in current version, so change "Character Set" option to ISO-8859-1
  • All template work needed be done on a index.xhtml source file, because NVU not manage PHP file yet...
  • When saving index.xhtml leave it empty when NVU ask for it...
  • NVU are under development, help NVU become a best opensouce WYSWYG Editor, please support NVU -
  • Current NVU Mambo Template builder is a BETA version, you can make segestions, problems, bugs,... at mamboserver forum thread
Copying index.xhtml and images to working directory
  • Copy index.xhtml finded on tutorial zip package for your current working directory
  • Next copy all images include on tutorial zip package to "images" dir into current working directory


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