Blog Latest What XML Parameters We can use with Joomla 1.5.x Extensions?
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What XML Parameters We can use with Joomla 1.5.x Extensions? PDF Print E-mail

When building Joomla! components, modules or plugins we can define all configuration parameters through XML files. Some common parameter types are predefined and can be used in our Joomla! extensions.
Every parameter you define must have five basic attributes.

  1. Parameter name, so you can reference it later in your code.
  2. A default value to be displayed and used if no value is chosen.
  3. A visible label
  4. A description appearing when the mouse cursor hovers over it
  5. The type of parameter
<param name="greeting" type="text" default="Have a nice day!" label="Greeting Message" description="A simple greeting text">

A categorized list is below:


section - All published sections in a list category - All published categories in a list

Text Input

text - A standard text input

textarea - A plain textarea field

password - A standard text input where the characters are masked as they are entered editors


menu - All published menus in a list

menuitem - All published menu items in a list

filelist - A list of files to choose from, given a base folder path

folderlist - A list of folders to choose from, given a base folder path

imagelist - A list of images to choose from, given a base folder

path list - A list of items to choose from

radio - A list of radio selection items to choose from


helpsites - A list of websites powering help file translations to choose from

languages - A list of installed languages to choose from

spacer - Creates a visual separation between parameters. No input value is required


hidden - Creates a hidden form element with the value and name provided


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