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Iconza - Customizable icons for your web site. Totally free. PDF Print E-mail

Iconza is a free icon set which can be customized instantly with the help of a web-based application.

Iconza free instant custom icons

Iconza the project, conceived with the ultimate purpose of satisfying the growing demand for the royalty free icons in the GUI environment. The life is getting more and more complex and the need for various icons can come from virtually anywhere. We have carefully considered this factor and offeded our solution — customizable chameleon icons — you pick your color and size.

Besides, the Iconza’s icons come absolutely for free. You are free to treat them the way you want, upon just one condition: we beg of you not to place purple icons against acidic green backgrounds!

The set has 70 icons & covers the most popular ones that can be used in web applications like actions, arrows, users, e-mail, RSS & more.


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